Plain, Easy & Simple Cremation  

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(You will have flexibility and attention to detail.) 

 A  cremation is supposed to let you say goodbye to your loved ones, not your wallet.

Each day in our cities and towns, families experience the loss of a loved one.  Within the following twenty-four hours the remaining family members must normally make several hurried, important decisions regarding arrangements which are often completely unfamiliar.  We feel there is a better way and we are encouraging more families to outline the alternatives available long before the need arises.  Thus, a more practical and economical decision can be reached when everyone is thinking clearly rather than at a time of grief and emotional stress.

In this era of absentee-owned "chain" funeral and "chain" discount funeral homes, that account for nearly half of all the choices available to you in the capital area, we take pride in being independent and family owned for more than 45 years.

We consider your confidence in our firm a privilege and  always stand prepared to help you in every way possible.  My personal guarantee -- flexible services and a guarantee to have a fair cost on cremation in the Captial District.


Stephen Meyers


***Veteran Benefits:  As a service to all VETERANS that pass away at the V.A. Hospital the Cremation Funeral Service will conduct the cremation at a cost of $325.00 for the crematory fee plus $175.00 for the container that the crematory requires for cremation; a  total of $500.00  and of course help with all other V.A.  Benefits, Flag, V.A. Markers and V.A. Insurance.  This would be the only out of pocket expense that the family would be responsible for, other than newspaper and death certificate expense. (*** If death occurs in a VA hospital, hospital death benefits must be consigned to the funeral home)

For all others/ and Veterans not in V.A. Hospital:$1195.00 plus crematory fee of $325.00.  Death certificates & newspaper notice not included.  If you find it less, let me know & I will match it.  There is a difference between cremation providers, just call.  Stephen Meyers